Born in Alberta, Dawn Dale has lived and worked in the l'Outaouais-National Capital Region for the last 25 years. A graduate of the Fine Arts Program at the University of Ottawa, she been teaching sculpture at the Ottawa School of Art since 1990. A MASC (Multicultural Artists in the School and Community) artist, she creates unique art workshops for students of all ages.

The primary focus of her art practice is eco-feminist art, realized in large-scale landart works, and ephemeral installations in gallery spaces and experimental drawings. She has exhibited throughout Canada, in the United States, Mexico and Bolivia. She has been an active member in the arts community through the artist-run centres and the artists' collectives Art Terre and Pyxidium.

A solo exhibition, Regeneration/Régénération at the Centre d'exposition L'Imagier in 2004 has been followed by renderings on the sidewalks at Parc Imaginaire for the summer of 2005, as well as an eco-art project for the city of Markham, Ontario.

She lives in the woodlands of Gatineau with her partner Yves and her daughter, Anna.